Established over 70 years ago Runwell Sports and Social Club was built as a way to provide well-needed sports and recreational facilities to the staff of the neighboring Runwell Hospital.


A few years past and the club started to become the main sports area for Runwell and the surrounding areas. It then handed over management to a limited company that was dedicated to keeping sports and entertainment thriving in the area, and to continue the long-standing traditions of the club, that were established in the early 1900s.

Today we have around 17 acres of high-quality playing fields that are dedicated to hosting a wide array of sports, including; 3 full-size junior football pitches, a Rugby Union pitch and a space for model
aircraft flying.


We don’t just host outdoors activities either! We also cater for those of you that like to keep indoors. We have Snooker tables, Short Mat Bowls, an indoor pool and we even hold Adult exercise classes!

Our clubhouse has come a long way over the years! Currently, we host a fully-licensed and well-stocked bar, a comfortable social lounge, functions rooms with large tv’s that are perfect for viewing live sports and an amazing purpose-built kitchen that is perfect for any dining experience! Whether you want a simple buffet or a formal Silver Service dinner, we can handle it.